Kianna Bisla

Hi there! My name is Kianna, thank you for visiting my page. When I was growing up, we ate pretty much the same foods every week. The cook in me took this as an opportunity to be creative, try new recipes, but nothing ever tasted as great as it did in the restaurants. When I ventured out to university, I expanded my pallet, tried new cuisines, and was in awe of how simple foods cooked in symphony could be elevated to another level. I learned about food & nutrition, the importance of quality & fresh ingredients, and techniques that completely redefined my cooking game. I want to share that with you, as food truly is meant to be shared.

From my perspective, clean eating is not about cutting calories, taking on absurd diets or limiting food that tastes good. Clean eating is about having a balanced diet that incorporates whole foods and leaves your body satisfied and nourished. Not all my recipes will be “healthy”, but there is nothing wrong with that. Moderate how much of one thing you put in your body, but don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of all kinds of dishes in their true form. 

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